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National Center on Secondary Education and Transition: Creating opportunities for youth with disabilities to achieve successful futures.

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Mentoring Youth in Transition

NCSET Resources

Creating an E-Mentoring Community
(August 2006)

NCSET Information Brief  
This brief, written by Sheryl Burgstahler of the University of Washington's DO-IT program, provides an example of how to create and sustain an e-mentoring community to promote the success of youth with disabilities in school, careers, and other life experiences.

Creating Mentoring Opportunities for Youth with Disabilities: Issues and Suggested Strategies (December 2002)
NCSET Issue Brief
Mentoring can influence the direction of a young person's life, reduce substance abuse and improve academic performance. Nonetheless, few mentoring programs contain components to promote and facilitate the inclusion of youth with disabilities. This brief addresses the need for expansion of mentoring opportunities for youth with disabilities. Specifically, the brief a) outlines some of the benefits of mentoring for youth, b) defines the issue of the need for expanded mentoring opportunities for youth with disabilities, and c) presents strategies for including youth with disabilities in mentoring programs.

Students with Disabilities who Drop Out of School: Implications for Policy and Practice (July 2002)
NCSET Issue Brief
Amid new school accountability policies and stiffer promotion and graduation requirements, what interventions work to lower an unacceptable high dropout rate for students with disabilities? Using research-based information, this Issue Brief defines the problem and articulates proven intervention strategies.

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