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National Center on Secondary Education and Transition: Creating opportunities for youth with disabilities to achieve successful futures.

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Five Homework Strategies for Teaching Students with Disabilities (2001)
This ERIC Digest suggests five strategies to improve the positive impact of homework for students with disabilities. The strategies concern assignments, accommodations, study skills, use of a planner, and communication between home and school.

Organizing Instruction and Study to Improve Student Learning (September 2007)
This National Center for Education Research guide reflects an expert panel’s consensus on some of the most important principles from research on learning and memory. It provides teachers with specific strategies for organizing instruction and students’ studying to facilitate learning and remembering, and for helping students use what they have learned in new situations. It includes a set of concrete actions relating to the use of instructional and study time in subjects that demand a great deal of content learning and also provides recommendations for teachers and reviews the quality of evidence supporting them.

Universal Design for Learning in a Digital Multimedia Environment
Much of the research on learning in a multimedia digital environment does not focus on the inclusion of students with special needs, either through their participation in research or through accessible designs. However, these studies do reveal how this environment can benefit such students. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) provides a framework for summarizing this research and demonstrating how a digital multimedia environment can increase the accessibility of materials, scaffold students’ exploration of content, and facilitate their engagement. This Web page describes UDL and highlights research on instructional strategies in a digital multimedia environment that exemplifies the principles of UDL.


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ˇColorín Colorado! Helping Spanish-Speaking English Language Learners Learn to Read
The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has launched Colorín Colorado, a Web site including instructional materials targeted specifically to educators of Spanish-speaking English language learners (ELLs). The site features best instructional practices for teaching reading and content; strategies regarding the appropriate placement and assessment of ELLs; a toolkit on effective outreach to Hispanic families; bilingual (Spanish-English) information for parents on how to help children succeed in school; and other practical, research-based information on how to help ELLs read and succeed.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Centers: Computer-Supported Literacy: Reading, Writing & Referencing
The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has a number of applications have been developed to help students with disabilities improve reading, writing, and literacy skills. This site includes links to hardware and software tools, intervention case studies, and tutorials.

LD Online: Teaching & Instruction
Teaching and effective instruction for students with learning disabilities requires specialized knowledge in the areas of spoken language, reading, writing, and math. This section contains readings that reflect knowledge of best practices and evidence based instruction within each area.

Teaching Diverse Learners
This Web site is dedicated to enhancing the capacity of teachers to work effectively and equitably with English language learners. It includes information on: teaching and learning strategies on culturally responsive teaching, mainstream classrooms, bilingual/ESL classrooms, and special education; strategies for performance and student assessment; organizations that may be useful to teachers of language minority students; and funding opportunities and grants for teaching English language learners.

University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning
Information on training and products available through the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning.

Vaughn Gross Center for Reading & Language Arts
This Web address links to both the Texas Center on Reading and Language Arts (TCRLA) and the Texas Family Literacy Center. The Texas Center for Reading and Language Arts has information on professional development (including downloadable manuals for Collaborative Strategic Reading), research, evaluation, and their special education reading project. The Texas Family Literacy Center offers resources for family literacy educators.


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