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National Center on Secondary Education and Transition: Creating opportunities for youth with disabilities to achieve successful futures.

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Hot Topics Over the Last 30 Days

This listing shows the most popular NCSET Topics over the last 30 days. This information might be useful if you were curious what topics were "hot" to those who have visited NCSET Topics. Note that it does not show the total number of visits to NCSET Topics, but rather the number of visits over the last 30 days.

Top 10 Most Recently Requested Topics:

  1. Career Guidance and Exploration (404 Hits)
  2. IEP and Transition Planning (399 Hits)
  3. Self-Determination for Middle and High School Students (268 Hits)
  4. Instructional Strategies (262 Hits)
  5. Dropout and Graduation (235 Hits)
  6. Self-Determination for Postsecondary Students (209 Hits)
  7. Parent/Professional Collaboration (197 Hits)
  8. Academic Standards (176 Hits)
  9. Postsecondary Education Supports and Accommodations (136 Hits)
  10. Adolescent Literacy (119 Hits)

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