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National Center on Secondary Education and Transition: Creating opportunities for youth with disabilities to achieve successful futures.

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Frequently Asked Questions About NCSET Topics

What is a NCSET Topic?
A NCSET Topic provides comprehensive information and resources within a key area that affects the lives of youth with disabilities in secondary education and transition.

Who are NCSET Topics written for?
NCSET Topics are written for teachers, school administrators, youth development personnel, parents, transition specialists, employers, youth with disabilities, and others.

What kind of information is in a NCSET Topic?
Each NCSET Topic contains a brief introduction, answers to frequently asked questions, abstracts of related research, descriptions of emerging practices, links to related Web sites, and a listing of additional Web and print resources.

How can I use NCSET Topics?
NCSET Topics provide rich information on a specific area, including guiding information and links to outside resources. We suggest reading through NCSET Topics to gain a strong understanding of the issues at hand within each area, and spending time reading the resources that are linked for more information on the topic.

Should I view Topics online or print them?
You may view NCSET Topic pages online, or print them for reading on hard copy. We recommend that you scan a NCSET Topic online to decide if you would like to read all of the information thoroughly. If you decide you want to read the topic thoroughly, we recommend you then print the Introduction, Frequently Asked Questions, Related Research, and Emerging & Promising Practices pages to read the content-rich information on hard copy. You can then return to the online version of the NCSET Topic to view the linked sites and documents in the Web Sites and Additional Resources pages.

How do I print a NCSET Topic?
To print the contents of a NCSET Topic, you will need to open the page within the Topic to print, and select your Print button. Although we do not currently have this in place, we plan to provide a one-click option for printing the contents of Topics. We will post a notice in E- News when this feature is available.

Do you have a PDF version of NCSET Topics?
No, we do not have a PDF (portable document format) of NCSET Topics for easy printing. If and when this becomes available, we will post a notice in E-News.

Are there any copyright restrictions on the use of NCSET Topics?
There are no copyright restrictions on these contents. You are welcome to print and share this information with others. However, please credit the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition when printing and sharing NCSET Topics or any other NCSET materials with others.

Can I suggest a new NCSET Topic or content for an existing NCSET Topic?
We welcome suggestions for new topics to address in our NCSET Topics and publications. To suggest a new topic to address or additional content for an already existing NCSET Topic or publication, please send us an e-mail at or call 612-624-5659.

I have a question!
If you have a question about NCSET Topics that you do not see answered here, please e-mail us at or call 612-626-8649.

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