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National Center on Secondary Education and Transition: Creating opportunities for youth with disabilities to achieve successful futures.

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Granger, B. (2000). The role of psychiatric rehabilitation in assisting people in understanding how to best assert their ADA rights and arrange job accommodations. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 23(3), 215-223.

Findings from focus groups indicate the need for education and skills related to decisions about ADA rights, job accommodations, disclosure, and negotiation for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. Authentic empowerment emerges when practitioners replace their job and maintenance perspective with a teaching, skills development and peer support perspective to achieve independent career decision-making over the long-term.

Hernandez, B. (2000). Employer attitudes towards workers with disabilities and their ADA employment rights: A literature review. Journal of Rehabilitation, 66(4), 4-16.

This review of 37 studies found that employers continue to express positive global attitudes towards workers with disabilities. However, they tend to be more negative when specific attitudes towards these workers are assessed.

Although employers are supportive of the ADA as a whole, the employment provisions evoke concern. When appropriate supports are provided, employers express positive attitudes towards workers with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities. Affirming earlier reviews, employers with prior positive contact hold favorable attitudes towards workers with disabilities. Employers’ willingness to hire applicants with disabilities still exceeds their actual hiring, although this gap is narrowing. According to Hernandez, workers with physical disabilities continue to be viewed more positively than workers with intellectual or psychiatric disabilities.

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