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National Center on Secondary Education and Transition: Creating opportunities for youth with disabilities to achieve successful futures.

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Dunst, C., & Bruner, M. (2002). Valued outcomes of service coordination, early intervention, and natural environments. Exceptional Children, 68(3), 361-375.

A national survey of Part C early intervention program providers and participants was used to discern the desired outcomes of service coordination, early intervention, and natural environment practices. Survey participants judged from among 69 indicators those that they considered to be the most valued benefits of each Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Part C service. Family satisfaction and improved quality of life were considered to be valued outcomes in all three categories. Implications for practice and research are described.


Freedman, R., & Boyer, N. (2000). The power to choose: Supports for families caring for individuals with developmental disabilities. Health and Social Work, 25(1), 56-68.

In an exploratory study of family support services in Massachusetts, three focus groups were convened to obtain the perspectives of parents caring for individuals with developmental disabilities living at home. The article summarized key themes that emerged from the group discussions: The effect of family supports on family life, flexibility of supports, barriers, unmet needs, and recommendations for change. Social workers and health care professionals can enhance the well-being of people with developmental disabilities and their families by addressing the needs of the entire family, facilitating family choice and control of supports, and helping families navigate the complex service system.

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