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Proceedings of NCSET institute held on July 10, 2002 in Arlington, VA

Access, Participation, and Progress in the General K-12 Curriculum

July 10, 2002
Arlington, VA

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About this institute . . .

The Capacity Building Institute on Access, Participation, and Progress in the General K-12 Curriculum was co-sponsored by the National Center on Accessing the General Curriculum (NCAC) and the National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (NCSET). The goals of this Capacity Building Institute were to provide participants with an opportunity to engage in a dialogue on current views, build consensus on critical issues, and generate solutions.

To help achieve those goals, this Capacity Building Institute was structured to include several types of activities, including presentations by people working in areas related to access to the general curriculum, a panel discussion of the impact of these issues on various stakeholder groups, small-group discussions, and opportunities to recommend future steps.

These activities, along with the pre-institute readings, the materials provided to participants, and the opportunities for post-institute conversations, should help participants increase their understanding of the issues and strengthen their commitment to providing access, participation, and progress in the general K-12 curriculum for students with disabilities.

Participants were asked to rate their experience and offer additional constructive comments regarding the various components of the Institute. Overall, participants stated that they came away from the Capacity Building Institute with new knowledge and resources about transition and assessment. The speakers were generally well received and participants provided positive feedback about the timeliness of the information provided by presenters and also the materials provided. Most participants indicated satisfaction with the organization of the Institute, the expertise of the presenters, and the quality of the work carried out in the small-group sessions. Regarding areas for improvement, many participants indicated that they would have preferred to have more time to interact with the presenters and with each other and more information about practical applications of the content and intended outcomes of the Institute.

Ann T. Clapper
Associate Director

Charles G. Hitchcock, Jr.
Project Director

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