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NCSET: Creating opportunities for youth with disabilities to achieve successful futures.

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Suggest an Item for E-News

To suggest an item for E-News, please send specific information, including:

  • Title: The title of the item
  • Type: What type of resource this is (see special instructions below)
  • Description: One to three sentences describing the item
  • Web Site: Or contact information if Web link not available
  • Your Name & Contact Information: In case we have any questions

In addition, send the following special information, if applicable, for a specific type of resource:

  • Publication/Multi-media Product: Include type of resource (i.e., newsletter, report, video), publisher, and publication year
  • Event: Include event type (i.e., conference, Web-based event), date(s), time and time zone, and city/state
  • Grant: Include grant deadline
  • Listserv: Include subscription instructions

E-News Categories

We will try to fit your suggested item into one of the E-News categories below:

  • Announcements
    • Legislative Alerts
    • Calls for Your Participation (include deadline)
  • The Resource Zone
    • Print and multimedia products (include publication type, publisher, and month/year)
  • What's Happening
    • Events, such as conferences, workshops, classes (include event type, date, time, and city/state)
  • Get Wired!
    • Web Sites
    • Listservs (include instructions on how to subscribe)
  • Funding Forecast
    • Federal Grants (include deadline)
    • Other Grants & Awards (include deadline)
    • Scholarships (include deadline)
    • Funding Resources (include month/year when published)

We cannot promise to include every item but will do our best to include relevant information that is submitted.

To suggest an item, send us an email at Thank you for your interest in E-News!

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